1989-D Lincoln Cent
Struck on a 3.1 gram Copper Planchet

Pre-1983 Cent Planchet
PCGS MS 65 Red


Coin World and Numismatic News have written articles on the discovery of a few 1983 Lincoln Cents struck on pre-1983 95 percent copper planchets (transitional mint errors). Heritage Auctions sold a 1983-P Lincoln Cent struck on a 95 percent copper planchet in AU 55 PCGS for $16,450 in August of 2014. Stack's Bowers sold a 1989-D struck on a Pre-1983 cent planchet in MS 62 BN for $22,325 in February of 2014. A regular 1983 Cent is copper-plated zinc and weighs 2.5 grams. These 95 percent copper planchet transitional mint errors are creating tremendous interest since they are similar to the world famous 1943 Copper Cents.

Cents struck from 1963 through mid-1982 are made up of 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc. They weigh 3.1 grams. The cents struck from mid-1982 to the present are struck on planchets made up of a solid zinc core (with a trace of copper) that are plated with pure copper and weigh 2.5 grams.

Here is an authenticated, certified and graded transitional Lincoln Cent struck in 1989. PCGS noted on the insert that it is on a pre-1983 Cent Planchet. This transitional striking is in gem mint state condition with beautiful original copper toning. It is incredible that a 95 percent copper planchet was used in 1989 to strike this coin. This transitional is dated 6 years after the 1983 transitional mint errors and is in a class by itself. It encompasses not only the popularity of the 1983 copper transitional Lincoln Cents but also the excitement and mystique of being struck by the Denver Mint 6 years later.



A similar transitional was featured on the cover of
Mint Error News Magazine Issue 36