1970 Canada 50-Cent
Struck on 12.1 Gram Gold Planchet
1 of 2 Known

Slab Slab

This is one of the most fascinating mint errors ever struck at the Royal Canadian Mint. This 1970 Canadian 50-Cent piece was struck on a .9999 fine gold blank weighing 12.1 grams. There are only a few U.S. and Canadian off-metal mint errors struck in gold in the last century. They have sold for strong prices and are highly priced by mint error collectors.

A U.S. Pan Pac Half Dollar struck in gold sold for $460,000 in a recent Heritage auction. A U.S. gold Indian Cent also recently sold in a Heritage auction for $253,000. A Canadian quarter struck in gold sold in a Heritage auction for over $21,000. Although there were several 1970 Dollars struck in gold, to date, there are only two known 50-cents in gold.



Gold Errors are featured in Chapter 12 of my
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