1822 Cap Bust Half Dollar
Struck in Copper
Judd Plate Coin J-A1822-1

NGC MS 64 Brown

  • This Cap Bust Half is illustrated in the original Adams Woodin Pattern Book, number 34.

  • This is the plate coin for the Judd book on Patterns Eighth Edition. It is featured and photographed in Appendix A-Die Trials, p. 304.

  • It's pedigree includes the world famous King Farouk Collection.

  • It is listed in Pollock as: #6215. Copper. Plain edge. Rarity-7 AW-34.

  • There are approximately five different examples known today.

  • We recently purchased this piece from Sheridan Downey, a Professional Numismatist who specializes in U.S. Bust Halves.

  • This Cap Bust Half Struck in Copper is virtually as struck and is in mint state condition. It was struck twice since there are two complete impressions of the portrait, stars, date and denticles. It is an attractive brown with orange hues.

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